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Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli founded the Tax Problem Law Center  to help New Yorker taxpayers resolve their IRS tax debt. If you are stressed out over your tax problems, you are not alone. 

If you owe more than $15,000 to the IRS, download our free IRS Tax Problem Help Guide  as a first step to put an end to your IRS tax debt.  

Then, learn a little bit about us by reading below and if you have any questions, take the first step and call a Long Island tax attorney at the Tax Problem Law Center for a no-obligation phone consultation as to how our tax resolution services may benefit you.

Free Phone Consultation with a Tax Attorney

You will receive a detailed no obligation phone consultation about your IRS tax problem to answer your questions.

It our goal to help New York taxpayers with IRS tax debt get educated about IRS tax problems and IRS tax settlements solutions prior to hiring a tax attorney; tax resolution firm; or accountant.

By providing you with a free phone consultation with a local Long Island tax attorney, you will learn your tax settlement options and we will learn more about your IRS tax problem. If we cannot help you or cannot take on your case, we will let you up front before you spend any money on professional services. 

No surprises as to the cost/fees of tax resolution services

We do NOT charge by the hour because everyone wants to know “how much will it cost.”  We understand that no one wants to be shocked by a bill in the mail.  After speaking to you after your IRS tax problems, we will let you know what the fee is to put  an end to your IRS tax debt.

We often save our clients thousands of dollars in penalties and interest as well as the stress of dealing with the IRS.

We understand that money may be a little tight right now due to unforeseen circumstances. It is our goal to resolve your IRS tax problem for the lowest possible settlement allowed under the law.

If you require back tax help in New York, please feel free to give our office a call to schedule a free initial consultation. Long Island IRS tax lawyer Charles Rosselli, charges a flat rate for most services, depending upon the level of service you require.

While hourly fees charged by other tax lawyers or CPAs can pile up, we  let clients know exactly what kind of charges to expect at the time of the initial phone consultation.

Help with your back taxes from a Long Island tax attorney

Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli personally supervises  every case personally from start to finish. You will not be dealing with some “faceless” firm from out of state.

Rather, you receive the benefit of working directly with an experienced tax lawyer from New York. If Charles decides to take on your IRS tax problem, you will work directly with him. 

Aggressive Proactive Representation by a tax lawyer

Do you know the difference between a C.P.A/accountant and a Long Island tax attorney handling your IRS tax problem?  Call our office at 516.620.5944 to learn the "tax attorney difference."

IRS Tax Problem Integrity Guarantee

We guarantee that we will give you an honest assessment of your IRS tax problem and treat you with integrity throughout the tax resolution process.

You would think that “integrity” is not an advantage when dealing with a professional. In most cases, you would be right and you should expect honestly and integrity from all tax resolution professionals. Unfortunately, many  New York taxpayers have gotten taken advantage of by out of state tax resolution firms. 

Dealing with the IRS is a stressful situation and it our goal to relieve you of that stress as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We take over all communication with the IRS so that you do not have to deal with the IRS  directly. By doing so, you are able to concentrate on your life and family while we put your IRS tax problems behind you.

Tax Lawyer in Long Island and New York City

We handle tax problem cases throughout Long Island, New York City, & New York State. We have offices in Garden City, Long Island and New York City,NY and we offer flexible appointments.

However, some of our clients that are “too busy to make it to the office” and want to utilize email, fax, and telephone instead of meeting in person.

We utilize technology to be as cost effective as possible and pass the savings onto our clients. We do not charge any more that any other professional and  you get the added benefit of working with a local New York tax lawyer.

We are serious about helping people solve their IRS tax problems. If you are serious about finally putting an end to your IRS tax debt, contact us today.

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Pick up the phone to solve your tax problem.

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Download our Free IRS Tax Problem Help Guide

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